Pure Parking Technologies

AutoPark compares entry/exit observations against various methods of payments and Digital Permits.  With a white labeled website and mobile application users can manage their parking sessions and automate payments as they enter & exit your lots.  This eliminates paper jams, card reader errors.  Go green with ticketless parking!

What does it do?

AutoPark is the tool that manages the observations received from the camera. It is looking to match an exit observation and an entry observation to a payment method. AutoPark uses a learning algorithm to limit future misreads and match similar readings.  This raises the accuracy a few percentage points over 95% accuracy on non-obstructed plates.  

AutoPark is a green solution.  All receipts administered through the app, email or text message.  Emissions are also reduced by eliminating bulky hardware and terminals.

This AutoPark interface is where a person would manage the day to day operation of their facility. Each lot/garage is added as a separate instance which makes the user interface quick and easy to use.

Reporting & Quick Glance Statistics

Financial and daily reports are just a few clicks away.  Generate revenue reports that include various information like average length of stay, occupancy rates etc.. Utilizing this information you can maximize efficiency by selling more monthly permitted spots instead of hourly spots for example.

Wondering how you are doing today? Each instance displays easy to read graphs and quick statistics.  Adjust these graphs to compare data throughout the month. 

3rd Party Integrations

Some 3rd party multi-space kiosks have been integrated into for AutoPark.  Unregistered users enter the lot.  Before they get in their car, they enter their plate information into a kiosk and pay for their session.  Kiosk payments complete the handshake for the exit observation to open a gate.