Pure Parking Technologies



With barrier gates

Adding barrier gates to an ALPR solutions adds a layer of security to your facility and can operate in various ways.  Once the AutoPark processes a license plate observation it sends a gate opening event.  A gate at entry can prevent non-permitted cars from accessing your facility using the Digital Permit Solution.  A gate at exit can open once an observation is connected to a payment source.  Barrier gates allow for easy enforcing since customers must pay to leave.


Gateless is the way of the future.  Drive in and out without any friction.  Going gateless reduces the overall costs of a Parking Access and Revenue Control System tremendously.  Not only do you save money on installation costs of the expensive terminals, AutoPark allows you to save money on gates as well.  See the ALPR Enforcement for different methods to manage repeat offenders.  

AutoPark in a gateless application is a very green solution.  Eliminating majority of the hardware compared to traditional solutions reduces your carbon footprint.  All receipts are digital which saves paper.

Daily Parking

Registered users pay for their time automatically by driving in and out of your facility.  Hourly rates are registered by entry observations based on the ALPR reading and processed at exit.  Tariff possibilities are endless.

3rd Party payment kiosks can be utilized for unregistered users.  Customers pull in and park.  As they exit, they enter their plate into the kiosk and make a payment.  After payment they are able to leave.

Employee Parking

You have the ability to issue and sell permits for your facility to local businesses.  Doing so is a great way to maximize profit of a daily parking lot that may have low occupancy rates.  Permits validate that vehicle during hours of operation.

Monthly Parking

Allow residents of a city to manage their own off street parking through a white labeled app and website designed for your lots. 


Hotel concierge is able to register their customers vehicles prior to their stay granting them access to the property before they check-in.